Club Hospitality


HOC Club/s Hosted Activity & Dinner 
Monday evening 29th May 2023  


These ever-popular Convention events will fill quickly and we expect that Melbourne won’t be any different. Your Guests won’t know where they are going because each approved Club or group of clubs will design their own event and dinner. Activities should be within a 20 km radius of the CBD to minimise travel time. Your Guests are picked up at their hotel and once onboard, an announcement about the destination is provided. Surprise!  

Activity and Dinner 

Clubs will be required to hold an activity and dinner or a dinner only with a specific theme.   These can be at separate venues or where appropriate at the same venue.   (For example, a visit to a local landmark, football club etc. followed by a dinner at a local restaurant or RSL Club).  The same bus will transfer attendees from the activity to the meal venue and it is strongly recommended that this journey is not more than 10-15 minutes and should not be further away (from the CBD) than the original visit point.  

Clubs will be required to host in multiples of 50 visitors, which is one busload. A second busload can be hosted provided the Club meets the guidelines. Clubs should have at least 5-10 hosting Rotarians & partners for each group of 50 at the dinner venue. It may not be possible for all Club Members to attend the event venue due to capacity constraints.  

On the way to the destination Clubs will need to have 2 members on each bus to brief Guests about the evening they are about to experience and answer any question.  It is anticipated that this will not be required on the return journey. Bus pick up times will depend on the venue but likely from 5 p.m.  

Clubs must provide full details on the registration form of the proposed activity and dinner. Note that this event is in late May and it is dark by 5.15 p.m. If selected to host an event Clubs will need to pay a $50 registration fee which will be refunded prior to the event.  

Costs and Transport 

Visiting Rotarians who register for this event will pay a flat charge to participate which will cover their bus trip. Clubs will be paid $35 contribution towards catering costs. Drinks should be purchased on a cash basis at the bar. Clubs may also need to consider budgeting separately for any additional costs such as entertainment.  

Clubs are permitted to provide their own catering subject to the normal Health rules.  

Clubs choosing to host in the CBD with no transport required can expect to receive $55 towards the cost of the evening.  

Clubs that choose to run an event that costs more than the expected HOC contribution must make a cash contribution to the event. Apart from the purchase of drinks, guests must not be asked to make any further financial contribution to the event.  

Members of the hosting Clubs wishing to participate in the event don’t have to be registered for the Convention but they must make arrangements with the Club to pay their own way to participate on the night and will need to provide their own transport.   

Once a Club’s application is approved it becomes fully responsible for their event.  

Closing date to register an interest for Club Hosting is 22nd January 2022.  

Here’s a thought! Why not join with another Club that is outside the radius for a joint hosting?