Host Hospitality


HOC Home Hosted Dinner  
Monday evening 29th May 2023  


Rotarians who are registered for the Convention can apply to host between 4 and 8 international and interstate guests in their home for dinner. Priority for hosting will be given to Registered Convention attendees but non-attendee Rotarians are also welcome to apply.  

It is the responsibility of the Hosts to arrange transport for all their guests to and from your home. It is for this reason that we ask that only Rotarians who live within an approximate 20 km radius of the CBD should apply. Pickups will be from 6 p.m. unless otherwise agreed with guests.  

Most registrants will be staying in or near the CBD so it is advisable to work towards a single pick-up point.  

As host, you will be required to contact your guests once the allocation is completed and remain in contact with them periodically up to the event.  You will also be responsible to confirm any dietary needs and to do your best to accommodate these.  

Your guests will pay a registration fee for this event from which the Host will be paid $55pp to help offset the costs of the dinner and transport.  

The Host Organising Committee (HOC) must advise RI of the number of potential Hosts in February 2022 so as all necessary information can be produced for release at the Houston Convention in early June 2022. Bookings will then start straightaway.  

The HOC recognises that if you invite more than 4 people to dinner you may require assistance with transporting them to your home.  Consider involving others in your Club, or immediate family in this process. It could also be an opportunity to have some quiet drinks with your guests and the drivers before dinner. It is acceptable to have guests returned to their hotels by Taxi, Uber or other appropriate private transport services. Guests should be advised of this arrangement in due course.

Special Note  

We understand that some Rotarians who would like to host will not be eligible under these guidelines but there are two other options that are being offered which might be an acceptable substitute arrangement:  

  1. Club hosted events; for further details go to:
  2. On Tuesday, 30th May there is an event being held at Flemington Racecourse, “The Melbourne Cup in May.” This will be a large and fun filled dinner which will require at least one host couple per table of 10; probably needs 75 couples. This event will be publicised in 2022.  

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