HOC Newsletter June 2022

HOC Newsletter June 2022

Latest news from your Host Organising Committee


Special Registration Fee (5 days only)

​​​​​​​Ensure you register for this once in a lifetime opportunity as the 114th Rotary International Convention is held in Melbourne 27-31 May 2023. 

The best and cheapest registration fee of US$425 is available for 5 days only during the Houston Convention [4-8 June 2022, Houston time]. Registrations will open at 15:01 Melbourne time on 5 June until  14:59:59 on 9 June Melbourne time.  After that the rate automatically changes to US$475. Register online at:

Volunteer at the Convention

​​​​​​​Feel like volunteering for a role in support of and at the Convention? After 9 June, you can register as a volunteer on the HOC website.
To volunteer within the venues, you will also need to be registered for the Convention, but there are plenty of volunteering opportunities outside the venues for those not registered as delegates. Register on line from 9th June at:

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